You deserve the BEST! 💗 So how do you get it? The secret to Life is… ✨ CONSISTENCY ✨️ When you are consistent, day in and day out, over and over and over again, with a positive action then you receive and achieve the best results!


Simple Pleasures

  Sleeping with the windows open ~ fresh air and nature’s lullaby. 🙂 What delightful moments will you enjoy today?

Find MORE time!

  Do you ever wish for more time in your day? Your week? Your month?   I really appreciate the wisdom of this quote: ”In order to start doing something new, you must stop doing something old.” 🙌   How many of the things we’re doing each day are really the best use of our …

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MORE novelty!

  Don’t you just love the boundless ENERGY you feel when you are excited to try something new? The FRESH anticipation and uplifting spirit of adventure ahead?   We need to mix up our routines, every now and then, with something out of the ordinary to get MORE sparkles 💖 and ZING 💫 in our …

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Appreciate MORE details!

  Do you appreciate a paradox when opposites are both true?   One paradoxical statement that I have thought about is this: Life is in the details <—> the details don’t matter at the end of life.   Can you see how adding those little details to your daily Life makes it MORE vibrant, entertaining, …

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Be MORE cheerful!

  Are you a Tigger or an Eeyore? What energy do you bring into a room when you join others? Do you bounce into a gathering with good cheer?   Everyday we get to choose our attitude ~ this is in the power of the moment! Life will throw you curve balls guaranteed so you need …

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Share your MORE!

  Were you given MORE?   When I was quite young I heard a quote that has stayed with me for years and resurfaced time and again over the decades: ”Of those who are given more, MORE is expected.”   Truly, we are ➡️ MADE FOR MORE!   You are called to give of yourself …

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Know your North Star!

  What is your deepest desire in Life ~ your North Star?   Sailors and adventurers know the North Star will guide them to their destination. Many know the story of the Three Wise Men who followed a Star to their destination. Captain Jack Sparrow sailed the Black Pearl by his mystical compass that pointed …

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Nature connection

Bring MORE joy!

You know that person in the room that a circle of people grows around ~ wanting to hear what they have to say, talking and laughing together? What’s their secret?   We’re drawn to others who radiate confidence, high energy, and JOY! 🙌 We want MORE of whatever they’ve got, we want to know how to …

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