About Me

Sharing Life stories to inspire courage and perseverance in others to open the heart to experiencing greater joy and serenity every day!

In days of olde, a wandering minstrel would come to visit and sing of the stories of far lands and historical events to share the latest happenings. Today we have a global internet connection to reach the hearts and minds of others at our fingertips. I believe that it is in the sharing of our stories that we encourage others by our experience and we strengthen our community.

A few of my personal experiences include growing up quite happily in the heartland of Iowa, meeting the man I would later marry while studying Spanish and environmental management at the University of Iowa, the daily adventures of raising three children to adulthood together in Minnesota, the joys of being a stay at home parent after a rewarding career in the landscape industry, being a pilates advocate as a life long practice for optimal functional movement, and now expanding my creative writing.


I believe in the balance of the Mind~Body~Spirit for complete health and wellness. I am an avid reader who enjoys exploring a wide range of topics that influence my unique perspective on Life. It is my intention to approach Life with a heart wide open and with a mind that is ever eager to learn and grow.

With a wild open heart ~ Jennifer Tiemens