Know your North Star!


What is your deepest desire in Life ~ your North Star?


Sailors and adventurers know the North Star will guide them to their destination. Many know the story of the Three Wise Men who followed a Star to their destination. Captain Jack Sparrow sailed the Black Pearl by his mystical compass that pointed to his heart’s deepest desire ~ his North Star ~ in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.


What is the one thing in your Life that you value above all else? What would you give your Life to protect? What causes you to feel an overpowering need to succeed?


When you look at your Life with this inner compass for direction, you can navigate the daily obstacles with clarity and purpose.


I believe that people ultimately value the other people in their Life. We desire to protect and provide for the health and happiness of our loved ones. We are fierce in our reactions to any sense of threat to their well being. This is our purpose in Life. LOVE ONE ANOTHER.


As we spend our days, and years, taking care of our loved ones and seeing to their best interests, if we can remember that each and every one of us is doing the *exact same thing* then we make the world a better place. Not only for our loved ones, but for all of humanity.


Use this guidance system in your daily Life to easily make decisions! Evaluate your actions as either moving forward, toward your destination – or not. You can avoid many detours and quickly get back on your path if you get lost, briefly distracted, or led off course.


Know your North Star! Follow this beacon courageously, with absolute faith and conviction. You will find that your greatest rewards in Life come effortlessly when you know in your heart that following the LIGHT leads you home.




With a Wild Open Heart ~ Jennifer


[Artist: Kim Norlein]


Comment below how you get back on track when you are off course👇

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