Appreciate MORE details!



Do you appreciate a paradox when opposites are both true?


One paradoxical statement that I have thought about is this:

Life is in the details <—> the details don’t matter at the end of life.


Can you see how adding those little details to your daily Life makes it MORE vibrant, entertaining, and satisfying? Notice the intricate details and beautiful harmonious complexity in your world today. Create your beautiful Life! 💫💖💫


And yet all of those details fade away in the grand scheme of Life ~ we remember the feelings that relationships leave upon our hearts ~ a soft gentle echo of a Life well lived. 🙌


Have FUN with your details… as you keep in perspective the true LEGACY of a beautiful Life!


We are ➡️ MADE FOR MORE!


🌎 What will be your MORE today ~ as you change the world?


Share below a favorite paradox that makes you ponder how opposites can both be true👇

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