MORE novelty!



Don’t you just love the boundless ENERGY you feel when you are excited to try something new? The FRESH anticipation and uplifting spirit of adventure ahead?


We need to mix up our routines, every now and then, with something out of the ordinary to get MORE sparkles 💖 and ZING 💫 in our Life!  We find a thrilling rejuvenation in NOVELTY ~ and experience greater JOY in our activities when we do the unexpected.


Of course, going someplace new is always a *guaranteed* adventure, take a trip (hours or days!) ~ even just taking a different ROUTE from your usual pattern or going for a walk in a different area this week.
👉 Simple changes also bring the ZING! 💫 Try a new food or recipe, rearrange furniture or how you use the spaces in your home, read a new author, listen to a different radio station, go to a new movie theater, plant fresh flowers, begin a new HOBBY… the possibilities are endless!


Add the spice of VARIETY to savor in the delicious medley of your precious magical moments today!


We are ➡️ MADE FOR MORE!


🌎 What will be your MORE today ~ as you change the world?


Share with us below how you add those glittery sparkles and zesty ZING👇

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