The call is made on the battlefield, “Retreat!”  It is time to regroup and reassess the situation, to make tactical decisions on how best to go forward.  And so it is that I find myself needing a spiritual retreat when my body and mind are under siege.  Like a marathon runner who sets their pace and uses their last reserve supply of energy for a boost as they cross the finish line of the race that day, the body needs time to recuperate.  We can use that time to celebrate our success, to celebrate the body’s amazing ability to endure and its incredible resilience.  We can also use this retreat as a time to set goals and plan for our next endeavor.


For each of us, we find and know our limits through experience.  There is trial and error.  Even as we find something enjoyable and rewarding, the body has its physical limitations.  It requires fuel, hydration, and sleep to work at its best.  When we are meeting a deadline, working through a week-long push to complete a project, pulling an all-nighter, or even traveling, we oftentimes neglect our basic needs in the short term.  We take for granted that our body will rebound and thankfully it does.  For some, quicker than others.  This is a gift that youth and good health wrap up in the most beautiful packages! However, as we age or face health challenges, we need to learn to call out “Retreat!”


To retreat is not to fail.  To retreat is to show wisdom under pressure.  To retreat is to know that there is a better way.  Stop what you are doing.  Listen to your mind~body~spirit.  Reassess your situation and plan how to best go forward.  Learn from your experience.


Create your own safe haven.  Eat nourishing foods, drink plenty of water and your favorite beverages, rest.  Observe nature – either through a window or up close and personal by taking a walk outdoors.  Read a good book for escape or inspiration, watch an entertaining movie to reset your mental equilibrium.  Most importantly, spend some time in silence and solitude.  When we encounter our spirit and create time and space to hear with our heart, we are made stronger.  We are renewed.  We refresh our mind~body~spirit and find ourselves eager for the next adventure that Life has waiting for us when we rejoin the world.  Know this.  The world always keeps spinning and will be there when you return from your retreat.


“When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.”

– Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching: Book Of The Way


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