Making Good Mojo!

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Ever have something happen in your Life that threw you off kilter?  How quickly did you get back on track?  The secret to a charmed Life is making good mojo!


Why?  Because every single thought you think has an effect on your body!  If you want to tap into the power to have the BEST day ever, the BEST year ever, the BEST Life ever, then you need to understand this:  EVERY. SINGLE. THOUGHT.


The mind-body connection is a real physical cause-and-effect machinery going on every moment of your Life.  Your thoughts can be positive, neutral, or negative so the trick is to be aware of your tendencies and catch yourself when you are off kilter and going off track.  Your brain sends signals for how much of what kind of bio-chemicals to create based on what you are thinking about, talking about, and doing about Life at any given moment.  You can transmit gloomy, irritable, snarky vibrations which result in your happy hormones dropping while your in-a-funk hormones ramp up to fill the void -OR- you can turn the channel and broadcast hope, faith, and gratitude which makes good mojo!


This is good to practice on a daily basis so when catastrophe strikes you are ready to cope and become a Mojo Master!  How?  Think of a line with LOVE at the far right, FEAR at the far left and the middle point as the ZERO neutral point.  Thoughts below zero are doubts, uncertainties, anger, irritability, snarky, critical, and judgemental.  Thoughts above zero are hopeful, trusting, peaceful, friendly, loving and kind.  Your apprenticeship to Mojo Wizardry begins by identifying how often you are falling in the negative zone.  Then begin to put on the brakes to get back on track to creating a charmed Life!  Like flipping a coin, make a conscious decision to “flip” your thoughts into the positive zone.  Instead of the dreaded what-if’s preparing for doom, do the optimistic what-if’s for the BEST results.  The sky is the limit!


Mind-movies are an AWESOME trick to making good mojo!  You can close your eyes and make believe you are the movie star, imagine whatever you want to happen in your Life… finding a great job, triumph over an illness or injury, catching a big fish at the lake, being surrounded by friends laughing and having a good time, taking a dream vacation, ANYTHING you want!  Imagine yourself IN the movie, use all five senses to create the scene in your mind – the sounds and smells along with what you see, tastes, touch, and the atmosphere around you…  The more details, the better mojo you will make!


Makin’ good mojo in Minnesota today!

With a Wild Open Heart ~ Jennifer

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