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Nature Connection

Capture MORE moments!

  You know those precious moments of ~ absolute joy, inner peace, and pure love ~ that make your heart smile? Those glimmers of goodness that light up your world? ✨   They almost seem to come out of nowhere, BURST like rays of brilliant welcome sunshine on a cloudy day, and often take us …

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Nature connection

MORE good times!

  Does your To Do List seem like it’s a mile long? As soon as you cross off one thing, do you add three more?   First off, that’s actually a GOOD thing! Really. If you’re constantly thinking of things you DESIRE to do, what a wonderful Life! And if you’re in good health to …

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Nature connection

Bring MORE joy!

You know that person in the room that a circle of people grows around ~ wanting to hear what they have to say, talking and laughing together? What’s their secret?   We’re drawn to others who radiate confidence, high energy, and JOY! 🙌 We want MORE of whatever they’ve got, we want to know how to …

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