Details & Design

  Design. 💚 The shapes, textures, and colors we bring to our daily lives create the intricate design of our beautiful Life in motion. You are the artist ~ expand your palette!

Being open…

  Open heart, open mind. ✨ Living with our hearts wide open, allows us to see beyond the surface ~ to find deeper meaning and feel a greater connection.

Deep satisfaction…

  Create. ✨️ When we make something with our hands ~ using our imagination to bring it into this world ~ following an internal spark, a whim, a whisper… we experience a deep satisfaction with Life and nourish our soul.

Life in Balance

An ordinary day is filled with hard, soft, bright, dull, pretty and plain. An ordinary day is a chance ~ a gift ~ to simply accept any and all contrasts as the natural balance and intrinsic harmony of Life in motion.

Exactly right!

  Perfect, whole, and complete. ❤️ Caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly. Each state of being as we change ~ we are exactly right, exactly as we need to be.


  Bloom where you are planted! 💖 Human beings are flawed and imperfect creatures by nature; it’s why we’re here on planet earth ~ to learn and grow. 🌿 (Some are just working on bigger, harder things at times than others.) Our challenges are just calls to the greatness within each of us to RISE …

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  Curveball! ⚾️ When Life comes at you sideways – shake your head, smile & chuckle – as always, you’ve got this! 💪

Nature Break

  🌿 Remember to take breaks in your day. 💚 Take in some nature however you can ~ connect to the bigger picture of Life on planet earth. It’s truly a miraculous world we live in! ✨️

New Day

  Greet the new day with a calm, confident peace. A stillness, from within. Carry it in your heart, knowing you are loved, Divinely created, and exactly where you are supposed to be in this beautiful interwoven tapestry of Life. ✨️